Want to leave a lasting legacy that will positively impact the future of the foodservice industry? Consider donating to the WRA Education Foundation Endowment Fund. Individuals, companies and organizations which desire to establish a permanent scholarship in their name or that of a special person are encouraged to utilize the WRA Education Foundation Endowment Fund.
Connie Fedor

For more information, contact:

Connie Fedor | Executive Director, WRA Education Foundation




Creating an Endowed Fund

When you establish an endowment fund, you’re creating a legacy by awarding an ongoing scholarship in your name to a deserving student. Plus, you’ll receive a tax deduction since all donations to the Education Foundation are a charitable contribution.

The below chart indicates the scholarship amount your investment generates.

InvestmentScholarship Award

For more information on setting up an Endowed Scholarship Fund, please contact Connie Fedor, Executive Director WRA Education Foundation at 800-589-3211.


  • Aaron and Katie Guenther
  • Kristin Leffel/WRA Wisconsin River Valley Chapter
  • ACF Chefs of Milwaukee
  • Magnificent 7 Chefs
  • Aderis DeRosa
  • Manufacturers’ Agents for the Food Service Industry (MAFSI) - Wisconsin
  • Adolf Brettschneider
  • Miller Brewing Company
  • Al Gagliano
  • Ron & Lillian Heuser
  • Alfred Peck
  • Ryan von Rutenberg
  • American Institute of Wine and Food (AIWF) - Milwaukee
  • Ryberg Family
  • Apitz/Quinnies Family
  • Society Insurance
  • Bernard & Maureen Schreiner
  • Steve Sazama
  • Chef Bill Dougherty
  • William & Otto Brakebush
  • Chef Jeff Igel Family
  • WRA Big Four Chapter
  • Culver Family
  • WRA Eastern Shore Chapter
  • Dick Kroening
  • WRA Green Bay Chapter
  • Ernst Florsheim – Chaine des Rotisseurs
  • WRA Madison Chapter
  • Fred Boelter
  • WRA Milwaukee Chapter
  • Heinz and Lisette Fischer
  • WRA South Central Chapter / JoAnn O’Malley
  • Herbert & Nada Mahler
  • WRA West Wisconsin Chapter

Active Funds in Progress

  • ProStart Endowment Fund Founding Donors - WRA West Wisconsin and WRA Wisconsin River Valley Chapters
  • Cousins’ Submarines
  • Edward & Susan Lump
  • Alvin & Mary Hess
  • RC Schroeder, Jr.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do the endowment funds go?

Endowment contributions help fund the 40+ scholarships awarded to students pursuing a food-related degree.

Do you have to be in foodservice to donate?

All contributions are welcome and help support future food industry leaders!

Can I donate funds for a one-time scholarship?

Yes! These would be considered a "pass-through" scholarship for a specific year.

Can I build the endowment over time?

Absolutely! Contributions can be made each year until you have established the minimum endowed fund of $10,000. Or if you’d like to increase your current endowment fund, you can make additional contributions which would increase your scholarship awarded.

Can certain criteria be considered for the memorialized fund?

Donor's may request the recipient be a student from a specific part of the state or attend a specific college. If there is no qualified applicant that meets the donor's desired criteria, however, the scholarship will be awarded to a qualified student from another area.