Restaurants Serving Their Customers Safely

Ready to Serve Safely

Ready to Serve Safely is a formal commitment made by Wisconsin restaurants to take extensive precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in order to provide the safest environment possible for their customers and staff.


In order to be an approved restaurant, a restaurant must commit to the following:

  • Follow FDA, CDC and EPA COVID-19 guidelines
  •  Adhere to Wisconsin and local health department orders or mandates
  •  Employee training on food safety, sanitation and COVID-19 mitigation practices
  •  Adhere to the Wisconsin Restaurant Association pandemic guidance

Complete List of Criteria


Please Remember!

While restaurants are doing their best to slow the spread of COVID-19, diners have responsibilities too. Customers are asked to practice social distancing, wear face coverings, wash hands frequently and stay home if they are ill.

CDC Guidance for Diners


"I would like to thank you and your organization for creating the “Ready to Serve Safely” listing of participating restaurants.  I saw your commercial during the 10:00 News on WTMJ.  We are retired, and dining out at independent restaurants is one of our greatest pleasures. 

Living where we do, in a small village in rural Racine County, it has been so frustrating to see so many businesses ignore or flaunt the best recommended practices!  We’ve not dined indoors in a restaurant dining room since March.  We tried to support our local restaurants by ordering curbside, but when the food was delivered by an unmasked employee, I never went back.

In looking over the list, we’ve been to several on the list in the Milwaukee area.  We now feel much better about the possibility of returning to them.

I’ll never understand why so many restaurant owners (and other business owners) are willing to miss out on so much business from concerned consumers like us, who have the time, resources, and desire to support them!  Please feel free to share my feelings with your members to encourage more participation.

Thanks again!"

—David B.

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